Custom Packing Peanut Dispenser

All Beed-O-Max bags are custom made for you…

Beed-O-Max Loose Fill Dispensers are manufactured to your exact design specifications and measurements. Each bag also meets Redline’s rugged specifications for quality including:

  • Triple-stitched corner seams to ensure strength.
  • Quality Materials used for longer life.


  • Made of sturdy, heavy-duty 14oz laminate for long life.
  • Double thickness for added strength 6” standard sleeve.

Pipe Support Sleeves/Loops

  • Pipe support sleeves sewn with three lines of stitching using heavy-duty bonded nylon thread.
  • Pipe loops designed to accommodate up to a 2.75” outside diameter pipe.
Custom Packing Peanut Dispenser Step 1
Custom Packing Peanut Dispenser Step 2


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