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Redline Plastics understands that our company’s success begins and ends with our customers. That’s why our staff is dedicated to solving your unique needs and making your job easier. Redline has the expertise and capabilities to take care of your commercial sewing, plastics rotational molding and plastics vacuum forming needs. Redline Plastics is ISO:9001-2015 Certified.

The company has recently moved into a new state of the art 117,500 sq ft manufacturing plant in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. This facility was designed from the ground up to be a facility that would enable us to make the best products. Features of the new building include very bright and efficient LED lights to allow us to see product defects and ensure proper color matching.


Our clients are visionaries searching for a trusted partner that can bring their ideas to life. We provide the engineering, manufacturing, and logistics experience needed to make that happen.


Redline Plastics rotomolding, thermoforming, and commercial sewing experience shows in the examples below. Contact us to let us help you bring your product to life.

Rotomolding parts up to 131

You are in good company when working with Redline