Being a leader in the industry demands that you bring more value to customers than simply making products that meet a certain specification. One way Redline does this is through our expert Engineering team that works here. We have the expertise to be your trusted partner to take on the project management and design process of the components we are partnering to develop.

Redline has an experienced mechanical and plastics engineering team as well as dedicated project managers to provide high-level service to our customers. We’d like to think that if Tom Brady and Michael Jordan were engineers, they would work at Redline. That’s the type of quality we bring to your project.

Thanks to our work in Powersports, Redline is able to use our expert team to continually elevate all areas of our company. Our team holds a very specific set of skills (yes, just like Liam Neeson) to ensure every project is taken seriously. See what we did there?

Redline is fortunate to have a staff that includes both mechanical engineers and plastics engineers to allow us to help our customer’s products to win in the market. Engineering software expertise included SolidWorks, Creo, Rhino, Mastercam, and others.

Whatever your company needs, you can trust that Redline’s engineers will walk you through every step of the process, to ensure you have the exact design for your product. After all, our cultural behaviors say that we look to deliver WOW on every single project.

Still don’t believe us? We encourage you to check out our Continuous Improvement section, highlighting just how hard we work for our customers.

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