Redline’s Lean Initiatives

Redline has instituted continuous improvement practices into all levels of our organization. This means that formal work instructions and procedures have been developed within all areas of the company to promote standardization and consistency of operations which promotes error free work.

At Redline, 6S is a tool used throughout the organization to sustain Redline’s lean culture and engage all employees in continuous improvement. 6S prevents waste and concentrates on higher efficiencies, less stress, fewer accidents, higher levels of quality and fewer breakdowns.

Lean initiatives allow Redline to reduce customer inventory levels and deliver quality products on time based on customer demand. This helps increase the velocity of product through customer facilities while reducing the overall costs of doing business together and focusing closely on our goal of continuous improvement in all we do at Redline.

Our Quality Assurance department at Redline has been formalized and empowered to develop and implement quality systems necessary to ensure the highest level of continuous improvement for our customers. We carry this same type of quality in all products, include our work with our Dowco Powersports brand. An extensive collection of metrics has been established and communicated to Redline employees to ensure an understanding of our current level of performance and to continually identify opportunities for improvement.

continuous improvement

The Pillars of 6S:


Respect the workplace and employees to create a safe and productive work environment

Set in Order

Identify the best location for remaining items, relocate out of place items and set inventory limits


Reduce paperwork


Reduce Clutter and out dated items


Create rules for maintaining the first 4S and use visual controls reducing errors


Ensure adherence to 6S standards through communication, training and self-discipline. Improve time management.