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Our team has been making quality thermoset compression molded components for the mass transit industry at our Hartwell, Georgia facility for over a decade. If you’ve ridden the rails in any major metropolitan city in the US, chances are there are parts on that line that were produced at our plant.

With two hydraulic compression molding presses, Redline can mold your thermoset parts to your required standards. Our technology allows us to produce both Bulk Molding Compound and Sheet Molding Coupond thermoset plastic parts made with fiberglass-reinforced polyester materials. Our SMC and BMC parts are produced for a variety of industries, with a focus on the mass transportation and rail industries. Other applications include electrical insulating parts, and high-strength composite structures made of carbon fiber.


More Than Just A Compression Molding Company

Redline Plastics is more than just a Compression Molding Plastic company. From engineering & design to shipping, we can offer all the services you need under one roof.


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