Plastics Product Development

We understand that many companies don’t have the time to focus on certain components and accessories. We also understand many companies have very tight budgets. We take pride in having the assisting role in filling our customers’ product lines. Our customers trust us to get the job done right. We continue to be successful in responding to our customers needs in a fast, yet effective manner. Redline Plastics has full design and product development assistance. By utilizing CAD/CAM Software and In House Tooling, we can produce full size parts that represent production quality within days. In conjunction, we can design and model your concept and perform various types of computer generated analyses using our Finite Element Software (FEA).

Redline Plastics is involved from the pattern and prototype stage all the way through assembly and shipping.

Rotomolding Plastics Design Engineering



Our rotomolding machines offer full spherical swing of the part molds. Arm indexing motors are all AC driven for maximum control of acceleration and deceleration to provide precise positioning of each arm with minimum shock.

  • Air assisted to assure consistent parts.

Our machines are equipped with 4 independent arms to provide the shortest lead time possible. Each independent arm is equipped with variable speed, AC motors, and HD gearboxes for both the major and minor axes. In addition, we utilize IRT (InfraRed Thermometry) to precisely measure mold temperatures to help ensure consistency in our molding process.

Vacuum Forming

  • All of our machines are top and bottom platen.
  • Large part capability, up to 6ft x 10ft.
  • Pressure form capability.
  • Pressure heat distribution. 
Our equipment specializes in heavy gauge thermoforming. The parameters of products are from .030 inch to 1 inch in thickness and a 40 inch draw capability. We hold the ability for high or low volume runs.