Redline Plastics announces 103,000 sq. ft. factory expansion

Pictured from left to right: Redline Plastics Director of Finance Amber Rich; City of Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels; Redline Plastics President and CEO Chuck Webster; Hamann Construction President Steve Hamann; Redline Plastics Vice-President of Operations Nick Murray; Redline Plastics Plant Project Manager Justin Van Ess; STI Engineers President Paul Steinbrecher; Redline Plastics Director of Engineering and Quality Assurance John Shackleton

MANITOWOC, WI, April 5, 2021 – Redline Plastics announces a 103,000 sq. ft. expansion to their manufacturing facility in Manitowoc, WI. This expansion will more than double the production space of their current facility, completed in December 2019.  The company has broken ground on the expansion and anticipates the facility will be complete around August of this year.

The additional space is needed due to rapid growth in their rotational molding and vacuum forming businesses. When Redline opened their 117,5000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in December 2019, the company employed 75 people. The company now employs 145 with about 25 current job openings and more to come as the expansion is completed. “Redline’s incremental growth over the past several years has been nothing short amazing. This is due to the great team and culture we have been able to form here at Redline,” said Nick Murray, vice-president of operations. “We had this expansion planned since the first half of the building started construction in 2019, but we did not anticipate expanding for at least a couple of years. We are lucky to be in the position we are in and continue our investment in the area, our employees, and our customers. Without all of them, our success would be limited. Future employment levels are hard to estimate, but if our growth and ability to deliver quality products on time continues, we can more than double our workforce over the next several years.” The expansion is an investment of over $6 million into the building and capital equipment.