Redline Plastics announces continued capacity expansion with the installation of an additional four-arm, five-station independent-arm carousel rotational molding machine. The addition of the new Ferry RotoSpeed RS4-3300 model oven gives the Manitowoc manufacturer more flexibility and speed to fulfill customer capacity.

The new station will be fully operational by late November and will bring the total number of rotational molding machines at Redline’s facility to seven. The decision to invest in the new equipment was made after three years of exponential growth for the company. At a time when domestic manufacturers are seeing increased demand for products made in the North America, it made sense to increase capabilities and capacity.

“There continues to be a strong market for quality rotationally-molded products,” said Nick Murray, vice-president of operations. “Adding a machine is the best way to ensure that we can deliver what our customers need on time, as well as making machine time available to new customers.”

Redline Plastics has four existing machines of the same model, which allows the company to replicate the set up and training for employees who will crew the new station. This efficiency will allow the company to quickly integrate the added capacity into their operations.

Another added benefit to existing customers will be the flexibility offered in scheduling product more efficiently, resulting in quicker turn-around and delivery. While supply chain disruption across the manufacturing industry has seen many companies struggling with getting plastics products delivered on time, Redline has invested in processes to minimize delays. Gaining an additional oven is just one more way to meet customer needs.